46 vs 44 driver length

Dec 01, 2019 in reality, the average length of a driver used on tour is 44. Most of the time, a golfer who is tall, or has short arms, or both, will make better contact with an over length club. Driver shaft length are you shorting yourself using a 46. The driver is the most difficult club to hit for beginners and high handicappers.

I personally fit more customers into 43 drivers than 46 or longer drivers. Aluminum vapor coated fiber in the butt section adds stability, to help achieve the desired ei target and stiffness. While its not surprising that the most popular order, even among custom orders, is for standard length 45. This raises the immediate question, why is a relatively tall, obviously highly skilled player using a shorter than standard driver. Those who lost distance experienced a decrease of 6 percent on average. When you go about choosing a length that is right for you, it will be best to make the choice based on what. Ive gone through a long series of cobra drivers, and cut them all down to 44. I recently put in a ust axiv tour black in my titleist 909 d2, love the shaft.

I hit it better and longer at that length than at 44. If your that new to the game then the driver will feel like the hardest club to hit because it is. From the beginning of the 20th century all the way through to the middle 1980s, the standard mens driver length stood at 43. The reason ken saw such an increase in total distance is because of two reasons. My driver shaft length is 44 inches and i hit the ball longer and straighter than my old 45 12. Check out breeds tip on how to determine whether your driver shaft length is too long or too short. Summary in comparison to a 65 inch 16x9 tv a 46 inch 16x9 is. This is precisely why since 2005, the average driver length on the pga tour has been 44. Lie angles listed are intended to be a reference chart only. I have heard that altering the shaft length of your driver by an inch canshould alter the club speed by up to 4 mph. If you are 5 feet 4 inches tall with a 35inch wristtofloor measurement, the club should be onequarter inch longer. It appears from the photos of the shafts against the ruler and body copy that the shaft lengths of the tested clubs with sleeves are 44. Those two lengths would objectively be considered by the golf community to be both a shorter and longer than standard shaft. He said that from a 45 to 46 would take it from a d2 to d8.

Drivers with graphite shafts have a standard length of 46 inches. The quest for a more accurate driver practical golf. I spoke to my club fitter today regarding driver shaft length. Sometimes a golfers height and arm length will negate each other and a standard length is the best option. Compliance with federal real id act of 2005 requirements drivers license and identicard markings. Shaft length should be tailored to the individual, not a universal standard. I totally disagree that driver length should be judged off height at all. To help golfers hit the ball further, golf club manufacturers have stretched the limits of driver design by inflating the size of club heads as far as the rules allow and stretching the shafts as well. The fitter put me in essentially a light higher launch shaft. Jan 07, 2015 not more than 10 percent of all men should ever try to play with a driver length that is longer than 44 inches. Standing in front, measure around his natural waistline, just above the hipbones. Cutting driver shaft the 19th hole mygolfspy forum. The longer shaft promises more speed but possibly less control while the shorter shaft promises more consistency, but which is best. Driver shaft length is shorter better than standard length.

Length of shafts according to height in golf sportsrec. Golf driver length options todays modern golf driver length with graphite shafts is about 45 to 45. The m46 patton was an american medium tank designed to replace the m26 pershing and m4 sherman. If you are using a 43 inch driver, just get a degree 3 wood and you are set. Jan 15, 2014 will a shorter driver give you more distance. The pros all could gain more clubhead speed and more distance with a longer length because all the pros have a later to very late release. The same would be true for a shorter golfer using an under length club. S armys principal medium tanks of the early cold war, with models in service from 1949 until the mid1950s. This called for a test using trackman my idea was to test the same golfer, clubhead and golf ball, but change. The longer shaft promises more speed but possibly less control while the shorter shaft promises more consistency, but.

Fujikura is known for having produced some of the most legendary golf shafts in the industry. Golf monthly technical editor joel tadman explores the impact different shaft lengths have on the distance and accuracy golf drivers provide for. What used to be in the 4244 region has now gotten as long as 46. Using the fujikura legacy guide below, you can still reference all the specs, even if the shaft is no longer available. I just measured the length at 44 34 and the swing weight at d2. For clubmakers out there, you are used to purchasing graphite shafts that are for the most part 46 long. However, in the 21st century a standard driver is considered to be 45 inches. In the modern 460cc driver, the shaft now rests close to 1 916 above that ground line meaning that the cut length of a shaft for a 45 driver is 43.

Thats the reason equipment companies are rushing to offer drivers with shaft lengths of 46 inches and longer. The tensei av blue series modernizes mca golfs tourproven, classic smooth bend profile. Measure from the bottom center back of neck, down the arm across the elbow to the far end of the wristbone. Some brands may vary from these measurements but you can still use them as a guide.

Site contents selected content listed in alphabetical order under each. In the 1990s, the average driver was about 43 inches long. According to a notice sent to manufacturers in october, golfs ruling bodies are proposing shortening the maximum length of a golf club from 48 inches to 46. I thought it felt longer than my old driver, but wow, its 2 inches longer. In fact, driver behavior is one of the lesser factors when trying to transmit data over long distances of. In 2006, golf magazine equipment editor robsauerhaft tested four drivers with lengths of 44, 45, 46 and 48 inches.

However, most companies will stick with a shaft length between 43 and 46 inches. If your driver is not unusually long then you shouldnt be too concerned with it. I may be in the minority but i am a good ball striker and i just feel i get a lot more out of a longer driver. In 2011, the average driver length of the brands that we stock is 45. Mar 02, 2012 ken saw an increase of 16 yards with the 44. Wheeled allterrain vehicles drivers license requirement. The maximum length of a driver allowed in golfs rules is 48 inches.

Dec 11, 2018 for example, if you are 6feet tall and your wristtofloor measurement is 35 inches, a standard length driver 44 inches for a steel shaft driver and 45 inches for a graphite shaft driver would be appropriate. I recently got an adams driver and ive been hitting it sporatically well. Aug 07, 2010 drivers usually range from about 44 to 46 inches. Since the mid 2000s, the average driver length on the pga tour has held steady at 44. When i tested my old college driver a few weeks ago my interest was piqued by how close my swing speed with the 43. Each player hit seven drives with each of three driver shaft lengths.

Youll hear about how the 2 will effect swing weight, etc. Playing length for any individual in all categories of clubs should be custom fit to the player by a qualified fitting professional. Oct 01, 2018 a better test wouldve been to go headtohead with a 44. A 44 driver helps golfers to achieve a distance of about 275 yards. Standing at his back, have him hold up one arm chest high and touch his nose. Virtually no women golfers should try to use a driver length longer than 43 inches, most women should use a driver length shorter than 43 inches. Every m6 driver head has been individually injected to reach the threshold of the maximum legal limit of ball speed. Is it ok to cut down a 46 inch driver shaft to 43 inches. Jan 31, 2017 the stock driver length of most manufacturers taylormade, callaway ping, cobra these days is 45. Woody picked a 44 shaft and a few driver heads that he felt best suited me. Transmission rate and cable length for rs485 transceivers 2 jitter for many, it is commonly misconceived that driver strength i.

Driver shaft length is shorter better than standard. Jan 12, 2012 you dont have to find a golfer swinging at 46. To have accurate and correct measurements, you will need to have someone other than you gather the information. Im hitting it very straight but it seems im losing some distince. Michael breed, host of the golf fix, answers a viewers email question on driver shaft length. Most male golfers are wielding drivers that measure 45 to 48 inches, the maximum allowed under the united states golf associations rules of golf. Wed jan 15, 2014 by dave phillips drivers generally come standard at 45 46 inches in length, the longer the driver shaft the potential exists for more distance, theoretically your swing arc would be wider and therefore you could create more speed. Aug 20, 2015 when i tested my old college driver a few weeks ago my interest was piqued by how close my swing speed with the 43. Most average male golfers should consider a driver length of 43 inches to 43. Some players get good control and distance when they use this club. A 43 12inch driver yields 262 yards and a 44inch driver 270 yards.

Jun 21, 2018 driver shaft length is longer or shorter better. Starting in the 1980s, all the golf equipment companies began to increase the standard length of the driver to the point that today, all mens drivers are made to a length between 45. Is it ok to cut down a 46 inch driver shaft to 43 inches pros do not use 43 inch drivers. Asos brand sizes are designed to fit to the following body measurements. Dec 06, 2016 according to a notice sent to manufacturers in october, golfs ruling bodies are proposing shortening the maximum length of a golf club from 48 inches to 46. My driver is 45 inches in length and i hit the golf ball all over the course. Head weights, shaft weights and balance points oh my.

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